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Midnight Carnival Mux

Monday, July 10, 2006

10:11AM - a little big for their britches

Through skimming other mood theme communities I discovered there are a few that don't cater to members posting but are more geared to the moderator sharing their own themes. I figured, seeing as I'm a community making machine, that I might as well set one up for myself...even if the moods I generally do are just from things I've slapped together from my rather extensive graphics collection.

Was kinda pushing my luck here though.

Mood sprites are limited to a range of 255x255 and, even though I knew that, I really wanted to try and slap something together from the game Guilty Gear. Especially as I'd likely only use it for my own mood comm. The problem is that most of their sprites exceeed those dimensions by more than a bit. So, I skimmed the site I had for that game and downloaded everything I could that fit in those parameters.

Sadly, I was shy 3 mood sprites so there are doubles in here. Specifically: guilty, nostalgic, & recumbent. The rest, as they say, is history...though I seriously doubt anyone other than I will actually use these:

pushing the limits with Guilty Gear

Pretty simple:

Guilty Gear.zip

Current mood: pleased

Monday, November 1, 2004

3:46PM - So...

Is this place completely dead, then? Or is it just resting?

Sunday, September 21, 2003


Heimdall's back up. ^^


For anyone who hasn't realized it yet, Heimdall is down again. Apparently it was a sudden signal termination, for which we're trying to determine the cause. Please bear with us while we get this problem resolved.

Friday, September 19, 2003


...and Heimdall's back up!

Just in case there's folks who don't already know. ^^;

Thursday, September 18, 2003

8:31PM - Server down due to hurricane

Thanks to Isabel hitting the area where our server is located, Heimdall is down. Probably for all of tonight. We can hope it will be back up tomorrow.

In the meantime, don't forget, we have an mIRC channel for just such emergencies. Log into irc.esper.net and go to #ggearmux. We can mingle there for the time being.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

4:07AM - Advertisement

Ported over from the MUX bboards, just for the hell of it.

Welcome to the Midnight Carnival.Collapse )

12:43AM - International Police Force (IPF)

Established shortly after the conclusion of the Crusades, the International Police Force is an organizational with one goal in money: The enforcement of law without borders, especially when it comes to the restrictions placed on Blacktech, forbidden magic, and above all, the usage of Gears. With access to highly skilled personnel and the latest in equipment, the International Police Force is a formidable obstacle in the way of anyone who would violate the law, but their status as one part police force and one part military organization sometimes compromises their devotion to serving and protecting the people of the Post-Crusades world.

The International Police Force is a powerful organization, both in battle and on the streets. Their strengths are many. Every IPF officer is a trained combatant, and many have talent with magic in addition. The martial ability and difficult training expected of any officer make them fearsome foes to most individuals, though on average, their ranks simply aren't on par with some of the world's greatest fighters (Kuradoberi Jam, Axl Low, Faust, etc). Fortunately, most of the criminals whom they oppose are nowhere near as skilled as that class of individuals, and hence their talents are more than satisfactory for their needs. The IPF also has access to the latest in technology. Communication devices, land vehicles, a small number of airships, magical weapons, and so forth.

A large portion of the International Police Force's membership consists of former members of the Seikshidan, many of whom joined up after their order was disbanded. They are the most skilled, most dangerous members of the International Police Force, considerably more powerful than the average officer. The most notable (and skilled) of these is Ky Kiske, the former Captain of the Seikshidan, who serves the same rank in the IPF, along with his Jinki, Furaiken. However, he is only a captain, meaning he has many superiors to report to. Despite this, his former men swear loyalty to him above any other officer, a fact which has caused a great deal of friction among the bureacracy that ultimately commands the Police Force. Moreover, Kiske and his men are known for their tendency to place their moral code above their orders, and sometimes even above the law, bending and something breaking the rules when what they are told to do by their superiors and what they are told to do by their heart and conscience differ. Because of his political clout with the Seikshidan and his many, many, connections within the government and around the world, Kiske has yet to be removed from rank, and the friction between the Seikshidan and the bureacracy is likely to continue indefinitely.

However, the true power of the International Police Force lies in its political freedom. The jurisdiction of the IPF is the world -- With the exception of Zepp, which is something of a 'grey' area, as that nation is only beginning to integrate itself into the structure of the United Nations. Though they operate on many of the same principles as modern day police, of the FBI, they have greater freedom in regards to the usage of force and investigation. Though they are bound by the law, IPF officers can go much further in regards to searching and interrogation without a warrant than modern day police. Generally, they operate freely, confined only by moral code and the law they serve so well.

The weakness of the IPF lies primarily in the bureacrats and high-ranking officials that hold most of the power. Though nothing has been proven, and their reputation remains spotless to much of the outside world, a few suspect them of corruption and greed, and whether they truly serve the law or their own interests has yet to be truly determined.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

6:31PM - News Powers

How's this?

Attacks, Powers, Points costs, and defining Elemental from KiCollapse )

3:05PM - Updates

News Files:
- Policies
- Theme, Timeline, Gears, Magic, Seikishidan, Assassins Guild
- Technology, Pirates
- Zepp
-App Process - Behind the CutCollapse )
Banned/Restricted Concepts - behind the cutCollapse )

Needed files:

- Colonies
- Powers

Working on: FAQ, or list of links to one, noting the music references prevalent throughout the GG games, as well as lists, or links to lists, of rock bands, artists, and so forth which can be used for character names, attacks, and so forth.

Room descs still needed: Zepp, Russia, China, general outdoor areas.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

9:12PM - Progress

Chipped away at the To Do list.
-Fixed +selfboot
-Fixed the bboards
-Built CharGen
-Changed the OOC Ticket Foyer around a bit. Now when you go IC, you end up on the airship, Lu:na, so you can go anywhere from there without wandering the grid aimlessly trying to find your way.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

8:48PM - Silver's To Do list

So people know, I'm not a -complete- slacker. :)

-Edit +selfboot to say something else, as it still says Materia in the @pemit.
-Re-install +bboards (since a small change messed something up when +bbnext was installed)
-Room descs for :Outdoor areas of various countries, as well as Zepp, Russia, China, Country A..
-Consider places for obscure areas (Grove, Hell, Nirvana. I have ideas for these)
-See that News Files get put up.
-Write some News Files.
-Develope some sort of actual character approval system.
-Build Chargen


We're back up, folks. :)

Still lagging a bit, but we're back in business.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


For the time being, I've set up a channel on IRC. On EsperNet, join #ggearmux. We can hang out there until things become accessable again.

4:51PM - Heimdall's status

I've been in contact with solar_exalted by phone to find out what's going on. The problem isn't the server itself. The server is fine, in fact it is up and running, as are all the games. None of the games have lost any data.

The problem is the server's T1, which received a massive amount of traffic through UUNet and became clogged, as a result. They're in the process of getting things resolved, so we just have to sit tight for a while. Hopefully things will be accessable again before too long. solar_exalted advises trying every hour or so to log back in.

11:04AM - Update

As of midnight last night, we now have a Sol Badguy. :)

We also have a working passenger airship linked to the major locations (London, Paris, and Colony so far) and will be linked to more as more areas are completed. There are sky exits on the grid, and a Sky room, however these are only to be used by flying characters, and other airships (Mayship for example).

Also, please welcome Adamantium, our coder. :)

Monday, August 18, 2003

10:54PM - Zepp File.

Zepp file is done. It's short, like the other files, but I wanted to keep to the basics, primarily. Tell me what you think.

Zepp!Collapse )

8:17PM - Character update

Millia, Eddie/Zato, and Anji are filled.

1:36PM - Closing Dates for FC Apps

After today, I'm going to start posting closing dates whenever an app for an FC comes in. Once the first app is received for a role, there will be a 3 day waiting period for any other entries, after which time any apps for said role will be reviewed, and decisions will be made. In the event that quality in two or more apps warrants further consideration after the closing date, an Audition for the role will be scheduled to determine the final result.

Results for Sol, Eddie, and Jam will be determined tonight.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

10:28PM - Whee~

Thanks to one of Chipp's friends, we now have a login screen. :)

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